11 Mar 2016

New motor technology brings lower energy, maintenance and noise to extruder

constant torque application benefits from synchronous reluctance motor technology

1 Dec 2015

ABB delivers its 10 millionth variable speed drive

ABB's technology is cutting energy consumption in applications including pumps, fans, hoists, conveyors, mixers & propulsion

15 Sep 2015

High on safety

Powerful development tools helped crane controls manufacturer NTK to boost intelligent safety by using the built-in maths functions of ABB's new safety PLC

17 Jun 2015

Automation engineering software suite delivers new levels of productivity

system-wide automation development software can reduce project costs by 30% or more!

8 Oct 2013

Groundbreaking safety PLC speeds and simplifies safety engineering for complex control projects

special features simplify complex motion-related applications including wind power, cranes, hoists and robotics

21 Aug 2013

Rugged PLC simplifies control in extreme environments

allows control to be sited where it is needed, with greatly reduced environmental protection cost

30 May 2013

New system-wide automation development software suite delivers industrial engineering productivity

tool combats the largest cost element of most automation projects: software