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16 May 2016

World's blackest coating material makes its debut in space

Vantablack optimizes sensitivity of optical instrumentation in satellite star trackers

28 Apr 2016

All-electric tube bender multiplies productivity for cleaning trolley maker

integrated bender/piercer helps OEM move to smaller batches and build-to-demand

7 Apr 2016

Automated production cell brings 24/7 manufacturing capability to wheelbarrow manufacturing

robotic system handles tube bending, hole punching, swaging and cutting processes

23 Mar 2016

Explosion proof cabinets simplify deployment of field instrumentation in process plants

ideal for decentralised/distributed analyzers in refineries and fertilizer plants

11 Mar 2016

New motor technology brings lower energy, maintenance and noise to extruder

constant torque application benefits from synchronous reluctance motor technology

10 Mar 2016

'Paint it (Vanta) black' - the world's blackest material is now in spray form

new applications include consumer products such as cameras, and luxury goods

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