19 Jan 2023

Renowned Indian gear manufacturer chooses NUM for CNC grinding machine upgrade project

Reishauer RZ361A retrofitted with NUM Flexium+68 CNC system

19 Oct 2022

Leading grinding machine manufacturer adopts NUM’s Flexium+ CNC technology

Palmary Machinery cites NUMgrind software as key product differentiator

11 Sep 2022

NUM launches next-generation CNC platform

New FlexiumPro system is more than 10 times faster than its predecessor

11 Sep 2022

NUM launches linear electric motors designed specifically for machine tools

Moving coil primary section fully encapsulated in stainless steel housing

17 May 2022

CNC machine tool company and carbide cutting tool manufacturer collaborate to create next-generation production automation

Star Cutter and Garr Tool develop innovative multi-process CNC machine tool for complete end mill manufacturing

8 Nov 2021

New CNC software simplifies usage of latest five-axis machine tools

Enhanced RTCP function with tool vector programming

1 Jun 2021

Supertec chooses NUM technology for its latest CNC cylindrical grinding machines

Innovative NUMgrind CNC software will help to simplify production of camshafts, crankshafts, cams, eccentric shafts, etc….

15 Mar 2021

NUM adds power skiving to its portfolio of gear production CNC solutions

Powerful new software and precision multi-level electronic gearbox pave the way for next-generation CNC machine tools with combined hobbing/skiving capabilities

26 Jan 2021

Innovative AI software facilitates condition monitoring of CNC machine tools

Neural network technology learns optimum machine behaviour

16 Nov 2020

NUM donates advanced CNC system to Taiwan’s National Formosa University

Enables engineering students to gain familiarity with state-of-the-art tool grinding technology

13 Sep 2020

NUM launches digital twin technology for CNC machine tools

Provides virtual model of physical machine mechatronics

22 Jul 2020

CNC upgrade programme provides US cutting tool manufacturer with major productivity advantage

32-year-old insert grinders given new lease of life – and production times now reduced by 10 minutes per part

25 May 2020

New software for CNC cutting machines features integrated CAM/postprocessor module to simplify creation of part programs

Broad spectrum of functions covers water jet, laser and plasma beam cutting applications

31 Mar 2020

Software wizard provides graphical guidance for workpiece probe measurement

CNC machine tool operators now have an easy means of performing probe measurements of parts and tools on the shop floor

14 Oct 2019

PC-based software framework handles offline generation of ISO part programs for CNC machine tools

Allows creation and testing of part programs without needing access to target CNC machine

16 Sep 2019

Innovative software offers low cost process monitoring for CNC transfer machines

Uses CNC system’s built-in data collection and measurement capabilities – no additional hardware needed

22 Aug 2019

NUM launches active vibration control system for CNC machine tools

Helps optimise machining by eliminating tool head vibration, maximising material removal rate (MRR) and facilitating predictive maintenance

15 May 2019

NUM helps Taiwanese machine tool company to automate production of involute and cycloidal gears for robotics

unique multi profile capability helps increase manufacturing productivity

1 Oct 2018

NUM launches hollow shaft direct drive torque motors

Innovative design has very low cogging torque – almost half that of competitors’ motors

2 Jul 2018

NUM collaborates with Chinese machine builder to develop advanced 8-axis CNC multi-function machining centre

performs precision high speed laser cutting and milling with single clamping operation

22 Nov 2017

Innovative 5-axis tool and cutter grinder uses NUM Flexium+ CNC to maximise productivity

Ultra-precise CNC system facilitates exceptionally accurate grinding of small machine tools

10 Oct 2016

US machine tool control specialist chooses NUM CNC for precision grinding applications

CNC systems’ ultra precise positioning capabilities provide key competitive edge

12 Sep 2016

Advanced CNC solution for precision milling machines

provides simple conversational style user interface for CNC milling machines

5 Jul 2016

NUM and Feng Chia University jointly develop intelligent CNC gear hobbing machine

advanced precision electronic gearbox provides major productivity enhancements

23 Nov 2015

Easy-to-implement functional safety system is cutting time to market for new-generation CNC machines

scheme slashes functional safety development time from weeks to days!

5 Oct 2015

CNC axis sharing innovation paves the way for more versatile machine tools

multiple CNC kernels can timeshare control of the same axes

11 Aug 2015

Customised CNC upgrade simplifies railcar axle grinding

novel task-oriented HMI simplifies control of plunge grinding operations

4 Jun 2015

Local CNC experts help Chinese company to develop radically improved gear cutting machine

combining local expertise with NUM’s unique know-how in gear production helps achieve a machine that can outpace other gear hobbers.

15 Jan 2015

CNC systems gain MTConnect interface to enhance interoperability of machine tools and manufacturing software

open-source communications standard facilitates data-driven manufacturing

8 Sep 2014

First US showing of innovative two-channel CNC system for machine tools with up to five axes

advanced 3D simulator with collision detection now features RTCP function

13 May 2014

Major CNC upgrade program enables engine manufacturer to extend life cycle of vital production lines

custom kits & careful planning ensures critical machines are upgraded in less than 4 days

10 Dec 2013

Automated threaded wheel grinding on gear production machines is boosted by new CNC solution

solution speeds threading-in times by an order of magnitude, and increases machining accuracy to DIN class 3!

16 Sep 2013

New CNC kernel offers remarkable performance and flexibility for small to medium size machines

handles up to 5 axes, with dual channel capability for control flexibility

2 Jul 2013

NUM expands Asian presence with new South Korean office

CNC vendor opens new applications support facility in Seoul

13 Jun 2013

CNC upgrade rewrites the economics of high-volume aerospace centreless grinding application

industry expert designed package targets veteran machine still used by thousands

16 May 2013

Advanced CNC retrofit package gives new lease of life to hob sharpeners

doubles accuracy and increases machine productivity immensely

16 Apr 2013

Custom CNC is at heart of groundbreaking laser cutting machine

special CNC technology – and a unique flying optical system – help the new machine to slash traditional pricing levels

28 Jan 2013

Scalable functional safety architecture addresses needs of specialist CNC machine builders

Complies with EN 13849-1 up to PL e, and EN 61800-5-2 up to SIL 3

1 Oct 2012

Innovative servomotors slash CNC machine building costs

motors eliminate the need for a separate encoder cable

10 Sep 2012
19 Sep 2011

CNC pioneer celebrates 50 years of innovation

achiever reflects on 50 years in NC/CNC, and the technological outlook

12 Jul 2011

Fast CNC system helps improve productivity of cut-off and end-finishing machinery

Multi-axis motion control facilitates fast changeover of manufacturing processes

14 Jun 2011

Wind turbine gear production accelerated by CNC refurbishment of gear shaper

linear actuator instead of 'nodding' cam enables gear profile changeovers in minutes instead of hours