8 Sep 2020

Enclosure expert Intertec acquires Thermotex Engineering

Thermotex Engineering to merge with Intertec UK to form Intertec Thermotex

29 Jun 2020

Innovative field shelter delivers off-grid cooling solution for remote desert basestation

solar-powered 'hybrid cooling' keeps shelter cool in ambient temperatures of 55 °C!

20 Jan 2020

GRP shelters provide advanced protection for offshore process analyzers

lightness and corrosion resistance simplify application in harsh North Sea environment

8 Oct 2019

Compact enclosures simplify high temperature process analytical applications

hazardous area certified heaters deliver high temperatures in small form-factors

21 Jan 2019

Harsh climate protection specialist extends Type 4X enclosure range for outdoor equipment applications

creates huge choice of panel/wall-mount or freestanding Type 4X enclosures/cabinets

20 Jun 2018

Outdoor protection expert launches passively cooled enclosures for field-based energy storage systems

• optimizes protection and reliability for energy storage applications in harsh environments

14 May 2018

Intertec's explosion-proof heaters and thermostats for processing applications are certified for South Korea

creates very large choice in South Korea for control and instrumentation equipment

13 Nov 2017
1 Aug 2017

Intertec's explosion-proof heaters for processing applications are certified by INMETRO

creates the largest choice available in Brazil for control and instrumentation equipment

16 May 2017

Intertec launches breakthrough nanotechnology antistatic coating for hazardous area enclosures

weathering tests demonstrate superior UV protection - extending life of field equipment

21 Mar 2017

GRP inspection door for outdoor enclosures

supports trend to move control and instrumentation closer to the process

1 Feb 2017

Emergency showers for harsh environments set new standards in durability and energy efficiency

protection suits oil, gas and chemical plants in Arctic, offshore, coastal & other harsh areas

21 Nov 2016

Novel field shelters protect vital refinery process controllers

remote instrument enclosures use triple-redundant cooling to protect PLC systems

7 Nov 2016

Ultra-reliable cooling for remote field-based instrumentation

water cooler range facilitates more reliable active/passive cooling strategies

23 Mar 2016

Explosion proof cabinets simplify deployment of field instrumentation in process plants

ideal for decentralised/distributed analyzers in refineries and fertilizer plants

19 Oct 2015

Corrosion-resistant active cooling unit provides compact solution for outdoor equipment in hot and harsh environments

first cooling unit on the market to feature corrosion-resistant GRP housing

24 Sep 2015

High performance Type 4X outdoor equipment enclosures comply with CSA, UL and NEMA standards

corrosion-proof GRP construction ensures long maintenance-free service life, even in salt-laden environments

13 Jul 2015

Innovative explosion-proof HVAC system provides customisable climate control solution for large process analyzer shelters

all-in-one design handles ventilating, heating, cooling, dehumidifying, air filtering, purging and pressurisation for hazardous areas

15 Jun 2015

GRP enclosures aid migration to wireless instrumentation networking

electromagnetic transparency simplifies installation of 2.4 GHz WSN technology

9 Mar 2015

New ‘mini’ environmental protection cabinets increase flexibility for outdoor equipment installers

pipe stand or wall mounting provides cost-effective alternative to free-standing designs

11 Nov 2014

Outdoor equipment enclosures simplify instrumentation installations in ultra-cold environments

special insulation and ergonomic design simplify Arctic installations

20 Oct 2014

Novel lightweight shelter provides explosion-proof protection on mobile fertilizer plant reclaimer

airtight composite GRP construction material provides lightweight safety solution for mobile application in explosive dust environment

1 May 2014

Novel passive fire shelters enhance safety management for offshore gas project

shelters combine 2 hour protection against fire for ESD electronics, with walk-in door access!

20 Jan 2014

Novel instrument protection shelter employs passive cooling to meet challenges of Middle East gas project

Passive cooling shaves 20˚C off peak daytime temperature of 55˚C!

7 Nov 2013

Explosion-proof heaters meet latest IEC/EN 60079 safety standard

ATEX and IECEx compliant products now certified for use down to -60 C

6 Aug 2013

Unique passive fire shelter technology provides new protection choice for process plant designers

Includes shelters for hydrocarbon fires with 90-minute protection

11 Apr 2013

Instrument protection leader expands its worldwide manufacturing capacity

10% more space, and a second advanced CNC machining line, underlines company's leading position in process instrument protection

26 Nov 2012

Frangible field equipment shelters will protect vital airside navigational equipment at Kassel Airport

custom shelters will house ILS localizer and glide path transmitters for new runway

18 Jun 2012

Innovative passive fire protection cabinets extend margin of safety for critical plant shutdown equipment

cabinets for shutdown valves protect against hydrocarbon fires for 90 minutes!

5 Jan 2012

Inert gas system provides explosion-proof solution for installing lab instrumentation into hazardous field environments

Ideal for analyzers in open-field sites such as refineries and chemical plants

24 Nov 2011

Outdoor equipment enclosures for perfectionists: application-specific sizes to millimetre accuracy now available

CNC manufacturing plus energy-efficient construction slashes operating costs

4 Apr 2011
14 Feb 2011

Vertical-mounting heaters for hazardous area applications

multiple approvals allow one explosion-proof heater design to be used worldwide

8 Dec 2010

Highly-insulated outdoor enclosures provide efficient protection for field instrumentation

sandwich-construction provides superb environmental protection and energy savings