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Enclosure expert Intertec acquires Thermotex Engineering - extending its protection solutions for process instruments and controls

Thermotex Engineering to merge with Intertec UK to form Intertec Thermotex

Neustadt, Germany and Shoreham-by-Sea, UK, September 8, 2020 --- The industrial enclosures specialist Intertec has acquired the UK's Thermotex Engineering - manufacturer of soft insulation jackets for industrial processing equipment such as valves and piping. Thermotex's insulation jackets complement the German innovator's portfolio to extend its position as a comprehensive solutions provider of protection systems for field-based process instrumentation and controls.

Intertec has worked with the UK manufacturing company Thermotex Engineering Ltd for many years - specifying custom-tailored insulation jackets for thousands of projects worldwide as part of its work in providing field equipment protection for processing plants.

The two companies have now agreed to join forces. Founder and director of Thermotex Engineering, Peter Watmore, and Intertec's president Martin Hess, have agreed to the acquisition as of September 2020. Thermotex Engineering will merge with Intertec's UK subsidiary Intertec Instrumentation, to form the joint company Intertec Thermotex Ltd. As the foremost expert on the technology behind Thermotex's soft insulation jackets, Peter Watmore will continue to work with the company.

Intertec's core competence includes rigid enclosures, cabinets and shelters for protecting process instrumentation and control equipment and sensitive electronics. The German company has provided solutions for a wide range of process applications since its foundation in 1965. It has a worldwide reputation for the design of protective equipment for hazardous industrial environments and extreme climate conditions. This success is based largely on the superb insulating properties of its proprietary composite glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosure construction materials.

Thermotex's product line includes insulating jackets for process valves, flanges and pipework that minimize heat loss, and/or provide other protective qualities such as fire resistance. As with Intertec's own enclosure technology, Thermotex jackets typically employ specialized materials and layered construction techniques to deliver advanced protection. Among many applications for Thermotex's products are protection against freezing, maintaining process fluids at elevated temperatures to prevent crystallization or condensation, and fire resistance to allow critical pipelines and valves to remain operational during an emergency.

Thermotex's soft insulation jackets complement Intertec's rigid GRP enclosures - extending the range of applications that the German company is able to handle. One key advantage of soft insulation jacket technology is the ease of retrofitting thermal insulation or fire protection to existing installations. The jackets are also very light, allowing them to be installed easily on pipes, valves and flanges mounted at height - without any need for supporting frameworks.

With the addition of Thermotex's products and technology, Intertec extends its portfolio, significantly strengthening its position as the global leader in the protection of processing industry equipment. The move will allow Intertec to offer Thermotex solutions globally - through its network of a dozen factories, system integration and support offices around the world - and over 50 distributors.

"A large proportion of our business is in supplying custom protection solutions", says Intertec-Hess' President Martin Hess. "A new processing plant can demand thousands of protection solutions for individual field-based instruments, controls, valves, etc. Soft insulation covers and jackets can be ideal for satisfying some of these individual applications and by bringing Thermotex technology in-house - Intertec now has greater flexibility and speed of response for our customer base."

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About Intertec. Intertec produces protective enclosures for field-based equipment, using glassfibre-reinforced polyester (GRP). This material offers remarkable advantages including natural corrosion resistance, low weight, extended durability for long life applications, much better thermal performance than metal – making it easier to insulate against heat and cold – and benign environments for wireless communications. A broad range of enclosures, cabinets and shelters, plus a comprehensive selection of accessories including heating and cooling components, protect against freezing, condensation, solar radiation/UV, explosion, fire, corrosion, impact, etc. Intertec has designed and shipped over a million instrument protection enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth - from Arctic regions to deserts to harsh coastal and offshore environments. Application-specific protection may be configured using free software tools. Or, Intertec will configure a turnkey solution for clients, using know-how that has evolved over more than 50 years. Intertec designs and manufactures in Neustadt (Germany), Sarnia (Canada) and Houston (USA), and has an assembly and system building centre in Russia.