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Intertec's explosion-proof heaters and thermostats for processing applications are certified for South Korea

creates very large choice in South Korea for control and instrumentation equipment

May 14, 2018 --- The extensive explosion-proof heater range from the outdoor enclosure specialist Intertec-Hess Korea has been certified to South Korea's Section 2016-54 of Notification of Ministry of Employment and Labor standards. With more than 20 styles of convection and conduction heaters this certification offers process control and instrumentation engineers and equipment vendors probably the largest choice of heaters for hazardous area applications available for use in South Korea today.

Among the key applications for the new range are humidity protection and temperature regulation of process analyzers and instrumentation, and heating chambers or 'hot boxes' which are used in many processing areas to maintain media at an elevated temperature and prevent condensation and/or crystallization.

Intertec’s explosion-proof heater range includes over 20 model styles with individual power ratings from 25 to 600 watts and a choice of temperature classes. There are different models to cover the principal application areas of humidity/condensation protection, temperature maintenance and freeze protection, with a choice of convection or conduction heaters in each category. Special profile heaters are available for bringing liquid or gas samples in pipes or cylinders up to operational temperature, together with heat tracing cable and a controller to protect exposed measuring lines.

There is also a series of explosion-proof smart heaters for temperature maintenance that use a patented redundant control method of limiting their surface temperature to ensure safety, which are supplied complete with a precision digital controller. The digital controller is an all-solid-state design with no mechanical switching contacts; it features fully encapsulated electronics and an intrinsically safe external sensor for directly monitoring the temperature of equipment. Numerous other controller and thermostat options provide comprehensive application engineering flexibility for instrument engineers.

Intertec produces an exceptionally wide range of environmental protection enclosures, cabinets and shelters, including many options in pressurized, purge-protected Ex p versions. These can be ordered at the same time as the heaters, or as separate items. Another approach that is popular with many instrumentation engineers and project managers is to use Intertec’s turnkey enclosure assembly service - SAFE LINK. This enables designers to configure a complete system, including the enclosure, heater and controller, and instrumentation if required, using a free software design tool. Once the design is finalized, Intertec will manufacture and assemble the system, and deliver it to the installation site. For exporters, Intertec can also supply heaters certified to many other standards including EX EAC (Eurasian Customs Union), IEC, ATEX, CSA, NEPSI, PESO, GOST and Inmetro.


INTERTEC-Hess Korea, Donghwa Bld. 10th Floor, 60 Sejong-daero 9 Gil Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-814. tel: +82 2 3789 9530;

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Intertec Instrumentation Inc., 11116 West Little York, Building 1, Houston, Texas 77041, USA. Tel: +1 832 554-1153;

Background information on Intertec
Intertec produces protective enclosures for field-based process instrumentation and control equipment, using glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). This material offers remarkable advantages for oil and gas applications (including natural corrosion resistance, low weight, extended durability for long life applications, much higher thermal resistance than metal – making it easier to insulate against heat and cold – and benign environments for wireless communications). A broad range of enclosures, cabinets and shelters, plus a comprehensive selection of accessories including heating and cooling components, protect against freezing, condensation, solar radiation/UV, explosion, fire, corrosion, impact, etc. Intertec has designed and shipped over a million instrument protection enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth - from Arctic regions to deserts to harsh coastal and offshore environments. Application-specific protection may be configured using free software tools. Or, Intertec will configure a turnkey solution for clients, using know-how that has evolved over more than 50 years. Intertec manufactures in Neustadt (Germany), Sarnia (Canada), and Houston (USA), and also has an assembly and system building centre in Russia.