28 Apr 2016

All-electric tube bender multiplies productivity for cleaning trolley maker

integrated bender/piercer helps OEM move to smaller batches and build-to-demand

29 Feb 2016

Precision tube bending takes next step in evolution

programming, simulation, optimisation and monitoring tools boosts tube bending productivity

14 Jan 2016

Innovative automated tube bending cell allows wheelbarrow manufacturer to almost double manufacturing output

production capacity expands from 1800 to 3500/day – meeting huge demand for novel flat-pack 'barrow in a box'

26 Nov 2015

World’s most powerful all-electric pipe bending machine swings into action at Norwegian shipyard

handles precision bending of 10-inch diameter thick-walled carbon steel pipes!

17 Sep 2015

Custom all-electric tube bender will accelerate right-first-time production for precision metal fabricator

Unison’s US support office receives first order – just weeks after opening!

16 Jul 2015

Custom tube bender eliminates cut-off waste of tubular parts for exercise machines

unique swing-away wiper die facilitates waste-free bending of short and complex tubular shapes

2 Jul 2015

Unison opens its own service and sales office in North Carolina

doubling year-on-year sales bolster US expansion

25 Jun 2015

Accurate and cost effective tube bending - a new machine concept from Unison

2-inch tube bender meets small-batch needs of shipbuilding, oil/gas & processing sectors

2 Feb 2015

Precision aerospace engineers choose Unison tube bending technology

software’s ease-of-use is key factor for multi-machine order

5 Jan 2015

Tube manipulation specialist embraces all-electric technology and enjoys fast return on investment

right-first-time ‘closed loop’ manufacturing system accelerates prototype production and reduces labour and scrap costs significantly

11 Nov 2014

Precision CNC tube bender slashes the cost of manufacturing small-batch and prototype parts

aerospace, motor racing and MRO applications are key markets

22 Sep 2014

Size matters: all-electric tube benders take a MASSIVE step forwards

pioneering development opens opportunities in shipbuilding, powergen, oil & gas...

15 Sep 2014

Tube bending CAD/CAM software also accommodates laser tube cutting

slashes programming time for tube bending and laser cutting

7 Jul 2014
10 Jun 2014

Tube bending specialist accelerates throughput and implements right-first-time manufacturing with the help of all-electric machine

automated set-up delivers at least 9 hours/week more production time - and virtually eliminates scrap

13 May 2014

Advanced tube bending technology helps British Airways maintain latest-generation aircraft

tube bending package can reverse-engineer parts within minutes

8 Apr 2014

Tube bending leader adds new low-cost entry-point machine to its range

brings CNC advantages to high value, low volume manufacturing, for sectors such as aerospace, defence, oil and gas, motor racing

16 Jan 2014

Innovative tube bending CADCAM solution

extracts and generates bending data from CAD models in seconds

11 Nov 2013

Advanced tube benders speed construction of subsea wellhead trees

productivity is boosted by new tube bending process which drastically reduces system building time

25 Sep 2013

Advanced 3D simulator speeds development of tube bending programs

Powerful real-time visualisation tool with collision detection helps metal fabricators optimise use of computer-controlled bending machines

21 Aug 2013

Novel tube bender boosts productivity by 500% for Midwest tubular part fabricator

Rotating-head bending machine replaces two hydraulic benders

1 Jul 2013

Right-first-time tube bending technology to be highlighted at SPE Offshore Europe 2013

versatile all-electric tube benders provide key advantages for oil and gas applications including fast repeatable set-up, and elimination of scrap

29 May 2013

World’s largest all-electric pipe bender ordered by US shipbuilder

Groundbreaking machine extends scope of all-electric bending to 8-inch diameters

5 Dec 2012

Unique robotic tube bending system can dramatically speed production

Bends tubes with fittings, and tube-hose combinations, in a single cycle

9 Aug 2012

Clean, green production efficiency underpins tube bending machinery upgrades at leading truck parts manufacturer

elimination of scrap and reduced electricity consumption are key reasons for selection

4 Jul 2012

Unison to support VTube software in the UK

powerful software accelerates fabrication of tubular part shapes

14 May 2012

Right-first-time tube bending technology to be highlighted at Farnborough

all-electric tube benders provide key features for aerospace sector including fast repeatable set-up, and elimination of scrap