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Preview: Unison at MACH 2016 (Birmingham, UK, April 11-15) - stand 4720

Bend that tube exactly the way you want it

Scarborough, UK, January 19, 2016 --- The pioneers of all-electric tube bending technology, Unison, will release groundbreaking new machine control software at MACH. Among numerous new features are an extended 'teach' facility giving users unprecedented access to the underlying machine control code - effectively allowing virtually any aspect of machine operation to be controlled. All a user needs to do is right-click on the relevant part of any tube bending program, and the underlying code is presented in an easy to understand and editable form, allowing rapid changes to be made.


This can be exploited in many ways, to optimise speed of operation for example by controlling individual and multiple axis movements, or slow movement - adding pauses, stops, etc. In this way, users can fine-tune the standard bending and machine control sequences that the Unibend software package generates, to create highly optimised programs for individual parts. This might be used to pause a program to allow inspection for example, to slow movements to dampen vibration, to better handle lighter or heavier parts, to position the carriage to simplify unloading, and in many other ways. Another related new feature will be a means of customising the motion profiles for machine axes.


"All-electric bending technology has revolutionised the production of tubular parts," says Unison's Mark Gerard. "This new software release adds another layer of programming flexibility into the equation - giving users the means to micro-manage the bending and handling cycle for optimum results, whether the desired outcome is speed, smoothness, ergonomics, or other factors."


The new software will be demonstrated on a versatile Unison all-electric machine. Experts will be on hand to discuss how software-centric CNC tube bending can be applied to advantage in common applications including prototyping, small-batch production, MRO, and ultra-precise and right-first-time shaping of tubular parts - even for the most difficult to machine materials.



About Unison

Unison started in business by developing control systems for metalworking machinery – supplying a number of prominent UK machine manufacturers in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1991 the company moved into machinery design, focusing on machines for tube bending. At that time, tube bending machines were powered hydraulically. In the early 1990s Unison invented a range of machines employing electrical servo-motors for controlling bending motion. These were the world’s first 'all-electric' tube benders. The performance of Unison's new machine design – with its fast and repeatable software-controlled set-up, right-first-time action, low power consumption, and quiet and clean operation – was an instant success. The company has progressively led the tube bending machinery industry by increasing the tubing diameters that can be formed using all-electric motion and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tube bending machines and associated software. In 2014, Unison took another quantum leap in tube bending machine performance by developing a servomotor-powered machine architecture that is capable of bending thick-walled piping with diameters of 10 inches/273 mm and more. The company opened its own direct support centre in North America in 2015.


For more information about Unison, please contact Stuart Singleton at:

Unison Ltd, Faroe House, Thornburgh Road, Scarborough, YO11 3UY, UK. 
Tel: +44 (0)1723 582868;;